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How to sell more produce without investing in marketing?

You can do that if you use a trade marketing approach.

Let’s clarify this with an example.

Danny is a fruit grower.

He often complains as he would like to sell more.

“You know”, he says, “my products are excellent. Though, when I try to sell them to retailers, most of them answer they’re not interested in them”

This is a very common situation.

Many produce companies simply try to sell what they have.

They approach their market with a sales orientation – first they grow the fruit or veg, and then they try to sell it.

Instead, they should have a trade marketing orientation.

First they should try to understand what their potential customers ask, and then organizing production consequently.

How do trade marketing oriented companies behave, in other categories?

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They first define what their potential distribution channels are, and then study them in depth using qualitative and quantitative research.

That done, they develop specific offers for each of the channels they aim to serve – in terms of products, packaging, brands.

They have, in other words, different value propositions for their different distribution channels.

Take Coca-Cola as an example.

Coca-Cola approaches each of its channel with the same product (Coke), in different packaging (bottles, cans, bag in box, etc), different sizes, with promotional support and materials that are unique for each channel.

In other words, each channel is treated in a different way, specifically according to the channel needs.

This is the huge difference that makes companies using a trade marketing approach more successful in the market: they do not simply try to sell their production, but do build different offers tailored to the channels served.

Sure, this trade marketing approach is dramat

ically more complicated than simply selling what one has produced – in terms of organization, production, sales organization, competence needed as far as marketing research is concerned.

But normally delivers much better sales results.

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