Differentiation is the way to go, in fresh produce

Heard about differentiation in fresh produce, and not sure what is all about?

Let’s take aDIfferntiation look at how differentiation worked in other categories.

Let’s look at eggs.

When I was a kid, and my mother used to ask me to go into a store and buy some eggs – well, I couldn’t go wrong.

In fact, this is what I used to find in the store I was shopping at:



Sure, different size packs with 2-4-6 eggs inside already existed at the time.

But my choice was easy, all my mum had to do was to specify the number of eggs she needed.

In the end, an egg was an egg.

Today, before you send your son to buy eggs in the supermarket, you had better explain him what you want him to buy.

Why? because this is what he will more or less find in the store:


Organic eggs, cage free eggs, extra-large eggs, branded eggs, socially responsible eggs, and so on. 

I’m not sure if all this improves our lives.

On the contrary, it complicates it, somehow – make sure you carefully explain what you need before sending someone to shop for you.

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At the same time, it is sure that many eggs producers found their ways into supermarket shelves and our kitchen thanks to proposing something different than a standard egg.

And some of them  – the ones with the most effective differentiation idea – have even been able to be successful and obtain a premium price for their eggs. 

We should take eggs as an example in produce.

e="color: #000000;" />Differentiating our offer is possible – and if you do things well, it is a road that can lead you to commercial success and to get out of the price war that is undermining your profitability.


Maurizio Pisani


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