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Creating a successful claim for Fresh Produce brands

(this article was originally published on on December 5, 2014)

There are many companies that invest small or big budgets when letting the world know about their fresh produce brands.

These companies are very smart: creating a brand consumers are willing to pay more for, will lead them to increased profitability.

Though, creating a winning fresh produce brand is by no means an easy task.

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It’s not a budget issue – we know that great brands can be created with small budgets too.

The real issue is that you have to know how to do it.

You need to know how the brand elements work, and you need to be able to use both creativity and science (i.e. market research) to get to a differentiated and distinctive brand proposition, one that consumers may consider relevant for them.

It’s very easy to make mistakes during this process.

Take a look at many brand claims as an example (a brand claim is the short, 2-3 word lines that should capture the real essence of the brand and normally follows the brand name in advertising campaigns).

Many brand claims around the world have a major pitfall: they are far too generic.

Things like “good and healthy”, or “fresh and natural” – are not really brand claims.

They are generic lines that could be applied to hundreds of products and categories. They are not differentiating a brand, and are of little use in building value for it.

How to figure out when a brand claim is too generic?

You can use a simple test.

When you read a brand followed by a claim, cover the brand name with your hand.

In other words, read the claim alone.

If the claim brings your mind to the brand using it – then it works.

If the claim says something special, unique to the brand using it – then it works.

If the claim tells you in one second what the brand benefits are and why the brand is different from the rest of the world – then it works.

If the claim does nothing of the above, it does not work.

It is too generic.

This is a simple test, but can prevent fresh produce brand builders from making the mistake that is made by so many companies in many product categories.

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